World Class Ski Race Coaching

Furano Japan

Elite Coaching Staff

World class coaching staff on hand to ensure to are getting exactly what you need to become more successful as a ski racer.

No jet lag

With only 2 hours difference between Australia and Japan you won't spend the first week just trying to acclimatise.

Excellent coach to athlete ratios

Our focus is on giving the best coaching environment, with a maximum of 5 athletes per coach.

A smarter way to train

It is very easy for race programs to just set a course and have huge numbers ski it, requiring almost no input from the coaching staff. Most parents of athletes get talked into having their developing athletes join these programs and from an early age the athletes are subjected to a huge volume of gate training and very little development of skills, technique and tactics that will ultimately produce a better ski racer. It is little wonder then that most athletes fall by the way side, either burnt out from excessive repetitive gate training or lack of skills required as they get older and competition gets tougher.

The ratio of gate training to skill and technique development depends on the individual athlete and the skills they already bring with them. As a general rule of thumb though, athletes should be spending more time working on technique, skills, strength, agility and tactics than just smashing gates, as the athlete gets closer to being accepted onto their national ski team the volume of gate training will increase.

Once athletes get to the level where they are looking to go onto their respective national ski teams , there is a far greater choice of suitable training options. Our program then is designed to fill the lack of smart training available for the developing athlete.



Our next camp is scheduled for January 2020. Exact dates and prices will be published as soon as we are able after confirmation from the Prince Hotel regarding 2020 accomodation prices. We envisage this information being available May 2019.